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SYSLOG Device Support

NetWatcher currently supports these syslog formats for ingestion into the SIEM.  Let us know what is missing and we can easily add it to the list as long as the format is well documented.

adtran courier-bluedot knockd samba windows-correlated
apache courier-correlated linux-kernel sendmail windows-emet
apc-emu courier-geoip milter snort-bluedot windows-geoip
arp courier mongodb snort-geoip windows-malware
artillery cylance mysql snort windows-misc
asterisk deleted nexpose solaris windows-mssql
attack digitalpersona nfcapd-malware sonicwall windows-owa-blacklist
barracuda dovecot nfcapd squid windows-owa-bluedot
bash dynamic nginx ssh-tectia-server-aetas windows-owa-brointel
bind f5-big-ip-bluedot ntp ssh-tectia-server-bluedot windows-owa-correlated
bit9 f5-big-ip-geoip nxlog ssh-tectia-server-correlated windows-owa-geoip
blacklist f5-big-ip openssh-aetas ssh-tectia-server-geoip windows-owa
bluedot fatpipe-aetas openssh-bluedot ssh-tectia-server windows-sysmon
bonding fatpipe-bluedot openssh-correlated su wordpress
bro-bluedot fatpipe-correlated openssh-geoip symantec-ems xinetd
bro-ids fatpipe-geoip openssh syslog yubikey
bro-intel fatpipe openvpn tcp zeus
cacti-thold fipaypin oracle telnet zimbra-geoip
carbonblack fortinet-aetas ossec-mi trendmicro zimbra
cisco-acs fortinet-bluedot ossec tripwire sophos-UTM
cisco-aetas fortinet-correlated palo-alto-geoip vmpop3d  
cisco-blacklist fortinet-geoip palo-alto vmware-bluedot  
cisco-bluedot fortinet-malware php vmware-correlated  
cisco-brointel fortinet postfix vmware-geoip  
cisco-correlated ftpd postgresql vmware  
cisco-cucm grsec pptp vpopmail  
cisco-geoip honeyd procurve vsftpd-bluedot  
cisco-ios hordeimp proftpd-aetas vsftpd-correlated  
cisco-malware hostapd proftpd-bluedot vsftpd-geoip  
cisco-meraki huawei proftpd-geoip vsftpd  
cisco-pixasa imapd-bluedot proftpd watchguard-geoip  
cisco-prime imapd-correlated proxy-malware watchguard  
cisco-sdee imapd-geoip pure-ftpd web-attack  
cisco-wlc imapd racoon weblabrinth  
citrix-blacklist ipop3d riverbed-aetas windows-aetas  
citrix-bluedot juniper-aetas riverbed-bluedot windows-applocker  
citrix-brointel juniper-bluedot riverbed-geoip windows-auth  
citrix-correlated juniper-geoip riverbed windows-blacklist  
citrix-geoip juniper roundcube windows-bluedot  
citrix kismet rsync windows-brointel  


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