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Setting Up Reoccuring Customer Vulnerability Scanning

When you first setup the customer you want to create a reoccuring (daily) "Discovery" scan and a reoccuring (weekly) "Full and Fast" scan.

Step 1: Setup the Discovery scan.   

Note how the 'full network scanning' checkbox is checked.  This ensures we see every IP in the range provided.  Don't generate a report from the Discovery scan as it is not necessary.


Step 2: Create the Full and Fast Scan

For this scan you will not need to check the 'Full Network Scanning' because the Discovery scan already found all the assets.   This will greatly shorten the time the "Full and Fast" scan runs.  You also might want to generate a report and have it sent to an email address.

Note: Always schedule the "Discovery" scan at least 2 hours ahead of the "Full and Fast" scan so they don't overlap.



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