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Ways to configure the NETWATCHER sensor

There are two ways to configure the NETWATCHER sensor.
1. Via Span Port (port mirroring)
Port mirroring is used on a network switch to send a copy of network packets seen on one switch port (or an entire VLAN) to a network monitoring connection on another switch port. This is commonly used for network appliances that require monitoring of network traffic. Port mirroring on a Cisco Systems switch is generally referred to as Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) or Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN). Other vendors have different names for it, such as Roving Analysis Port (RAP) on 3Com switches.

2. Active Traffic Redirection (ATR)

As a turn-key drop in on simple/flat networks, Defensative's NETWATCHER device can use active traffic redirection to ensure all local traffic will pass through the device for detection and prevention services. Disabling of this feature or removal of the device will cause the network to return to normal. Enabling of this feature acknowledges and accepts the possibility of minor network degradation and potential issues with older networking equipment.   You can read more about ATR here


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