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Setup instructions for Enterprise on-premise hardware sensor

The following instructions are to guide an end user through the setup of the NetWatcher sensor.


Step 1: Look for your Account Activation email (check your junk folder if you don’t see it in inbox)

Step 2: Press Activate link in the email and set your password

Step 3: Login to

Step 4: Verify you are not blocking connectivity to/from the sensor

For this setup to work you should ensure that:

You are not blocking any of the following ports OUTBOUND.  These ports are what the sensor uses to communicate back to the NetWatcher cloud.

  • TCP 22 =>
  • TCP 8443 =>
  • UDP 443 =>
  • TCP 443 =>
  • TCP 443 =>
  • TCP 443 =>
  • TCP 80 to => Used to test internet/DNS connectivity

You are using a managed switch or router that allows you to create a Mirror or SPAN port.  The Netgear ProSAFE managed switch is what we used for demonstration purposes below.


Step 5: Setup the sensor.  

Here is a typical setup example:  On the switch Port 1 – (Blue cable) is connected to the ISP/Internet.   Port 3 – (Yellow cable) is going to be used as the Mirror port and is connected to the NetWatcher sensor (LAN 2).  Port 4 – (Red cable) is connected to the NetWatcher sensor (LAN 1) and this connection must be able to get an IP address (via DHCP) and is uses to communicate with the NetWatcher cloud.


Step 6: Setup a Mirror port on the switch.  

  • In this example we are Mirroring traffic from the blue cable (port 1) to the yellow cable (Mirror port 3). 

Step 7: Setup your sensor once it’s plugged in:


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