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Xplode AdwCleaner

If you have any Adware on your system, you will need to reboot after this software is finished running.  Save all your work before beginning.

1) Go to the following URL:

2) Select ' Download Now' (blue button on right):


3) Execute adwcleaner_{version}.exe

4) If prompted to Run, Click ‘Run’.  If prompted for Permissions, click ‘Yes’.

5) Click ‘I agree’ when prompted to agree to Terms of Use:

6) Click Scan to scan system and wait for it to complete:

7) Examine results before cleaning:

8) Click ‘Cleaning’, followed by OK to continue:


9) Click OK again when given the following warning:


10) Click OK a final time when asked to restart the system:

11) Review the text file with results:


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