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Customer Portal - Overview: Advanced - How filters work

Searching and Filtering is available all throughout the customer portal and can be a powerful tool to find anomalies hidden in the data.

Here is an example of a simple filter for the ‘Grouped’ view of ‘Events’ on the ‘Advanced’ tab and the associated results (only available if you chose the ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced’ setting in your user profile):


The “+” symbol can be used to create another line of filter logic, the “γ” symbol can be used for creating a filter group and the “x” is how you delete a line of filter logic.

It’s always best to start with a filter group as this provides you the most flexibility to change the logic in the future.

Note in the example above we used “ILIKE” – this allows you to match only part of a phrase and is not case sensitive.   You can see in the result above the word “MALWARE” was all uppercase but the word entered was all lower case “malware”.

Now that you created a filter, you can save it as well, and also when it triggers have an SMS/text message &/or email sent to you.


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