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Installing an on-premise enterprise sensor virtual machine (VM)

Instructions for how to download the sensor VM are in the links below.  

  • Simple VM Sensor Setup (1 NIC) - here
  • Simple VM Sensor Setup (2 NICs) -- here
  • Advance VM Sensor Setup Using vSphere - here

You should ensure you are not blocking the following ‘outbound’ at the firewall:

  • TCP 8443 =>
  • UDP 443 =>
  • TCP 443 => (fallback TCP VPN if network has issues with UDP VPN)
  • TCP 443 =>
  • TCP 443 =>
  • TCP 443 =>
  • TCP 80 to => Used to test internet/DNS connectivity

Once an account is created for you, you will receive an account activation email.  Follow the instructions and then you will be able to login to the customer portal at  .   If you forget your pw choose ‘forgot password’ to create a new password.  If you don’t see the activate email or change password email please check your junk mail filter.



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