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MSP Portal - Overview: The Dashboard

1.There are three panes.

  • The far left pane (pane 1) has the customer tree where all your customers will appear
  • The middle pane (pane 2) is what you want to see about a customer (or multiple selected customers)
  • The right pane (pane 3) is the content that is displayed based on your selection

2.The logged in user from the MSP.  Note that each user can have their own set of customers that they can see and administrate.

3.The widget store.  You can use the widgets on 1 customer or a set of selected customers all at once.

4.Preset filters that you have saved.  This allows you to easily go to a saved filter you have used in the past.  You can also have the filter send you email or SMS if new items arrive that match the filter.  You can also make the filter global for all the users of the portal.


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