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Customer Portal - Overview: The Dashboard

You can add many different widgets to your dashboard by going to the .. tab and choosing to "add" the widgets you like best.

Our Executive Dashboard Widget is the one widget that provides you an overall security picture of your network.   This is the most important widget as it gives you an overall situational awareness picture of your security posture.  It even gives you a score on how well you are doing.   

Users of NetWatcher can receive this widget via email each week (you can edit this setting in your account profile)

If you want to see how well you are doing over time then add the Score Widget.

Our Risky Software Widget tells you what employees are running on your network that may result in a compromise.

Our Vulnerable Software Widget will tell you what outdated software your user are running that may result in a compromise.

Our events by country widget will alert you to what networking traffic from other countries is getting through your firewall.

The Top 10 Events Widget can be used to easily pivot and filter on event traffic.  This widget was created for the more technical users to go deep on the events that make up the alarms.  You can filter events at any level and quickly pivot between signature, port, IP Address and Hostname.  You can also easily pivot the timeline of data.  The line, pie and bar charts are available as well as a detailed table.




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