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MSP Portal - Overview: Setting up ConnectWise integration in the MSP Portal

  • Use ConnectWise client from
  • Login with your ConnectWise credentials
  • URL:
  • company: CW_CompanyName
  • user: User and PW
  • Go to System | Members | API Members and create a new member (fill out all default fields)


  • Choose the API Keys tab and create a new API key (record the public key and private key as the private key will only be provided 1 time)

  • Log into the MSP portal
  • Choose Partners on the dropdown menu
  • Choose to edit your partner settings by pressing on the hyperlink with your MSP name

  • Choose the Edit button

  • Add the following URL https://your company URL/v4_6_release/apis/3.0
  • Add your company ID, public key, private key, user ID of the user you want the tickets associated with in the service desk
  • Choose from the dropdown the Board Name you want the tickets to fall into
  • Choose the ‘Check Tickets API’ button to ensure the URL and credentials work

if you get an error: CW API: ticke object is invalid: The company/id field is required.

you need to edit the customer and in the 'Search in CW' edit box put in the exact name of the customer found in ConnectWise.

  • If you want to choose what NetWatcher priorities line up with ConnectWise priorities you can choose the ‘setup CW priorities’ button as well

Now we need to send Alarms to ConnectWise

  • Create an Alarm Filter for the types of Alarms you want sent to ConnectWise as tickets
  • Choose the ‘Save Ad hoc search’ button to create a filter that will send tickets to ConnectWise
  • Choose the ‘Create Ticket’ option and save the filter

  • Verify that the Alarms are showing up in the Service Board



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