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Customer Portal - Overview: Assets

NetWatcher categorizes all of your assets when it sees them as it's doing deep packet inspection.   You can view, edit and report on your assets in a few different ways.  First, you can go to the Advanced tab (you will have an Advanced tab it your profile is setup as 'intermediate' -- choose your name at the top left of the screen and go into your profile and choose 'intermediate') and choose the 'Assets' button. Second, you can use the Assets Widget on the dashboard (an enterprise feature) and third, if the asset is running the NetWatcher endpoint code you can edit the asset under the 'EndPoints' tab.

Here is a view of the Advanced | Assets option:

If you want to edit the asset you can... You may want to set important assets up a Critical Infrastructure and choose the 'Is Important' option.  If you flag the assets as important and they have even the simplest issue they will be prioritized above others (low's move to medium and medium's move to high).






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